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We are optimists.  The Board is determined to bring Flag Football to the city in August.  If it is humanly possible, it is happening.


Sign ups begin April 15.  Last year we were bursting at the seams with kids. We want the same "problem" again.  


The cost is $175 to play. This will include a uniform.  If you live outside the city, we would love to have you. The City of Parkland does charge $125 payable directly to them.


The leagues are the same as last year:



Girls 7-9 years old

Girls 10-11 years old

Girls 12-14 years old

Boys  6-7 years old

Boys  8-9 years old

Boys 10-11 years old

Boys  12-13 years old

Boys High School


All kids will be placed on a team through the draft. Our player evaluations will begin August 17th. We will send out an email with details on time and location for your child's age group.


Going to be a blast folks. Tell your friends. Tell anyone new to the neighborhood. Tell a family whose child has never played before.  


Please know that we always need head coaches for every age group. It is the best thing you will ever do for your kid and the community.  Trust me on this one, it will be a season of memories, life lessons and ice cream. Do it. You will not regret it.


You can reach us anytime at info@parklandflag.com.  All in this together.


The Board





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Pine Trails - Field 1 - Parkland OPEN (3/3) 
Pine Trails - Field 2 - Parkland OPEN (3/3) 
Pine Trails - Field 3 - Parkland OPEN (3/3) 
Pine Trails - Field 4 - Parkland OPEN (3/3) 
Pine Trails - Field 5 - Parkland OPEN (3/3) 
Pine Trails - Field 6 - Parkland OPEN (3/3) 
Pine Trails Field 7 - Parkland OPEN (3/3) 
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