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Schedule and Practice Schedules are now available.


schedule is subject to change, please make sure to confirm before you play....


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Go time.

Registrations are now closed except for High School Girls league.  Anyone in the other age groups who would like to sign up will be placed on a waiting list.  As much as we hate telling kids no, we must have some form of cutoff.  We will do all that we can to get each child on a team this year.


Here is how it works:

Evaluations schedule are as follows:


Monday 16th                                  


6:00     CoEd 6/7 A-G                                              





7:00     CoEd 6/7 H-M                                         





8:00     Boys 12/13 A-L                                       



Tuesday  17th


6:00    CoEd 6/7 N-S  AND Boys 8/9 A-G




7:00   CoEd 6/7  T-Z  AND Boys 8/9 H-M




8:00   Boys  12/13  M-Z




Wednesday  18th


6:00    Girls 10/11  AND Boys 8/9 N-S




7:00    Boys 8/9  T-Z




8:00   Boys High School




Thursday 19th


6:00   Girls  7/9   AND Boys 10/11 A-H




7:00  Girls 12/14   AND Boys 10/11  I-P




8:00   Girls High School AND Boys 10/11 Q-Z







The letters are the first initial of your last name.  Please ONLY arrive a few minutes before you time slot to check in.  Makes it much harder on us when the kids are mixed up.  Your child will receive a bib with some pins.  PLEASE help them put it on.  That allows us to track their names and allow for the draft to be done appropriately. We will take them back after their evaluations.  PLEASE do not leave with your bib. Everything is on Field 1 at Pine Trails Park.  We suggest cleats.  They will not need a football.


After the evaulations we will have the draft that weekend.  If we are rained out, the makeups will be on Friday.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND, if your child is not evaluated they will not be drafted.  Let us know if you are out of town and we will work it out.


WE STILL NEED HEAD COACHES.  Let us know if you can step up.


Going to be a blast everyone.


See you out there.


The Board





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